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uPVC Windows Comparison

Polyframes Double Glazed Windows are leading the Australian industry in terms of quality, energy efficiency, noise reduction and more, this page will allow you to better understand the advantages that uPVC framed double glazed windows.

Window frames conduct heat, and are therefore important in determining the overall energy efficiency of a window. uPVC double glazed window frames, wood, and fiberglass frames are typically more energy efficient than frames made from aluminium, or other metals, which are very poor thermal insulators. Wood, however, is subject to expansion and contraction with temperature. It is possible to reduce the heat lost through metal frames by inserting an insulating plastic strip – effectively a thermal break – between the inside and outside of the frame, but nothing compares to the unbeatable energy-saving properties of uPVC.

 Comparison with Other Products

Compare Double Glazed Windows
World Acceptance of uPVC Framed Windows and Doors

* Depends on the window and materials used not the frame

USA – 58%
UK – 75%
Germany – 55%

*Source: Australian Window Association

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